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May 27, 2017

Why I Got Into and Stay Real Estate

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In the day-to-day activities of being a REALTOR it is important that we remember that this is really a “people business”.  Given my background in management and client service, I look at selling properties and working with Sellers and Buyers as a “short-term project” with a series of underlying “tasks” that need to be managed/ accomplished to attain the ultimate goal of my client.  Some of these tasks “stand alone” while others are interdependent and, when “things go right”, they fall like dominoes.  I fully understand the responsibilities of “agency” and “ethics” but, at times, the focus can shift to the tasks rather than the people.

Most of my clients are Sellers and most of them were already unsuccessful with one or more agents before allowing me the opportunity to help them.  Sadly, many were talked into a price reduction when it was poor marketing that kept them from selling!  It is very rewarding to help Sellers reach their goal.  For some, this simply means selling an investment property.  For others, their property needs to be sold so they can move into a more desirable area or a bigger house.  Selling an “estate” allows family members to move forward in their lives.  Some simply cannot afford their house any longer or have decided to sell for any number of reasons.

Very early in my career I saw an elderly couple really struggle with the moving process.  They could no longer remain in their family home because of health and mobility issues.  Unfortunately, they had little help from their grown children and packing up years of acquired possessions created much unanticipated and needless stress.  That really taught me to look beyond the obvious:  getting a signed sales contract is really just the end of the marketing process but possibly the start of a lot of work for Sellers.

Residential Buyers (as compared to Investors) present a different opportunity, especially if they are buying their first home.  For some, the dream of owning their own home is a long, difficult process that many take for granted.  Some think they cannot afford to buy and helping them reach that goal is very rewarding.  The present economy makes each step even more difficult than in the past and some Buyers get so frustrated that they actually consider stopping the process.  Many turn to renting (often more expensive than paying a mortgage!), which, unlike the old days, becomes a vicious cycle too often preventing people from saving for a “down payment”.

Fundamentally, all REALTORS are “allowed” to work for Sellers and Buyers but a relatively small percentage are specifically trained/ certified to do so and not all are equally capable of assisting both types of clients.  I am an ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), an SRS (Seller Representative Specialist) and I am certified to teach agents the courses required to earn both designations.


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