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October 11, 2016

Andrew’s Time-Tested Real Estate One-Liners

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  • When hiring an agent, pick the one who lets you sleep better knowing they have the experience, integrity and character to work in your best interest
  • Sellers are either motivated by time (they want to sell more quickly) or money (they need to meet a certain goal)
  • If you are selling to buy another house, what is the cost of taking longer to sell?
  • Commission is negotiable but you have to compete with your competition or your first reduction will cost more than what you thought you were saving
  • Every property has a price at which it will sell
  • Your first offer is usually the best
  • If you price your house too low, you probably won’t need me to sell it; if you price it too high I probably can’t help you
  • Houses that do not sell either have a pricing or a marketing problem and many have BOTH
  • A price reduction is a costly way to overcome poor marketing
  • If buyers and agents cannot find your house in their online searches, they will not know it is available so it will sit
  • If a house does not sell, people either found what you have at a lower price OR were willing to pay your price to get more for their money
  • A price reduction either has to make your house appeal to a new market segment or convince those who know about your house to want to take action
  • Buyers are buying the neighborhood and a lifestyle so they need to engage in the process
  • Negotiating an offer is like playing poker:  you can focus on what the other person is thinking or do what is in your best interests
  • After an agreement is signed, one party is generally happier than the other and how the process plays out depends on who thinks they gave up more
  • Getting an offer signed is like getting engaged:  the goal is to commit to the process and make sure it is the right decision





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