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January 18, 2020

Happy New Year Message to Sellers

Happy New Year!  I am looking for owners to help this year.  Whether you want to sell a house or an investment property, I can help.  There is no experience required.

As I find every January, many sellers tried but did not succeed with selling their properties last year.  Have they delayed their plans for making a move, perhaps waiting for what they think is a better or the best time to sell?  Or, have they tried and given up, thinking it wasn’t “meant to be”.  Please consider these two questions.  What led to your deciding to sell, especially if selling involved making a move, and what happens in the long run if you do not sell?  People have various reasons for selling and I have met many who wished they had sold sooner.  Every situation in unique but most offer an opportunity if a seller and their agent work well together.  Whether you tried to sell before or were waiting for this year, now is the time to plan for 2020.

If you want or need to sell, why wait?  What are you waiting for?  Why not start or even restart the process now or start planning for success this year?  Please do not wait for a “better time”:  buyers look all year long and can only see and buy properties that are available on the active market.  When many sellers take “time off” there is an opportunity since there is less competition.

If you are considering selling or making a fresh start, I would like to meet with you to discuss your plans and needs and show you how I can sell your property.  There is absolutely no obligation so there is nothing to lose and much to potentially gain.  I can have your property on the market as soon as you like.  Of course, if you want or need to wait, I can help you when you are ready.

Obviously, there is more to selling Real Estate than simply being “on the market”.  Unfortunately, every property will not sell and most won’t “sell themselves”.  I have been helping frustrated owners sell properties that other agents could not sell since 1996.  Many properties that sell were “previously listed” and most of them sold only after something was changed with the way they were being marketed.  Price is not always the issue but, for anypreviously listed” property to sell, something must change.

The most effective choices are marketing (meaning exposure or awareness of your property), pricing strategically (meaning that location, features and condition largely determine the “value” the market will attach to your property) and/ or hiring a different agent.  It is my job to make sure that my clients get as much as they can for their properties.  Success does not always require a lower price!  I will explain my philosophy in detail, discuss your local market and answer your questions.

Changing agents brings a new perspective and a different philosophy that might provide the advantage you need in a competitive market.   If your property was on the market before, what would your last agent do differently this time (other than suggest a price reduction that may accomplish nothing but reduce you proceeds)?  Will doing the same thing over again produce a different result?

If your property has not been on the market before my experience will be an advantage.  Why should you call me?  My background in Client Service Management combined with my Real Estate experience, training, education and knowledge will help me to assist you.  Real Estate is not “rocket science” but it requires a thorough knowledge of the “process” and a proven strategy.  I have a common sense, client-centered approach.

Effective marketing allows buyers and agents to find properties in their search results (think “Google search”).  Do not assume that the MLS and Internet will guarantee that everyone will know that you are trying to sell or even know what you are trying to sell.  If buyers and agents cannot find your property in their search results, the odds are against you and your property may sit on the market making people think something is wrong with it!  Many sellers are asked to reduce their price (and their proceeds!) when marketing was THE problem.  Reducing the price will NOT solve a marketing problem.  Reducing the asking price (and your proceeds) is an easy answer but not always the best one.  I NEVER ask for a price reduction without justifying it.  Every house has a price at which it will sell; my job is to get you the highest price possible.

If I earn the opportunity to work for you, you will receive the highest quality service, attention to detail and effort.  Communication is critical:  my job is to keep you informed so that you can make the best decisions.  Most of my clients who were unsuccessful with other agents never had any ongoing contact with their agent!  I work for you.

In addition, I offer the following guarantee that I will do what I promise:  if I don’t, call me to discuss your concerns.  If I cannot satisfy you, you may cancel our listing contract unless your property is under contract with a buyer.

There is no time for inexperience, empty promises or false expectations!

 HIRE WISELY:  We are not all the same.

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