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August 30, 2019

Have You Really Decided Not to Sell Your House?

I have been helping frustrated owners sell properties that other agents could not sell since 1996.  What does this mean?  I use the multiple listing service to monitor daily residential and multi-family properties.  I look for property listings that might appeal to my buyer-clients, that compete with properties owned by my seller-clients and those which come off the active market without selling.

During the course of any year a number of property listings are canceled or their contracts expire before there is a sale.  Some of these properties will come back on the market with the same agent, perhaps at a lower price, some owners will hire a new agent thinking that will solve any problems they had and a significant number of properties will remain off the market for months or longer!  I always wonder what happened with whatever plans those owners and families had.

While some owners may resort to renting their houses so they can move, many seem to either give up or delay their plans, perhaps waiting for what they think is a better time to sell.  Those looking to buy another home need to know how waiting will affect a purchase.  Either way, the fact is that buyers look at houses all year long and they can only see and buy properties that are on the active market so waiting to try again may be counter-productive, especially in areas that tend to move more slowly.

I understand and empathize with people who feel frustrated by the harsh reality of the Real Estate market.  Any optimism they felt can lead to frustration:  why aren’t people coming to see their house?  Perhaps they had many showings but no one made a good offer.  Many probably wish that family, friends and neighbors would stop asking them questions.  I do have one serious question:  what happens if you do not sell?  If anyone really wants or needs to sell, why not restart the process now or start planning for next year?

I am a full-time agent, a REALTOR®, an Associate Broker, an Ethics Instructor and a Mediator.  I have listed and sold Real Estate in Delaware, Montgomery and Chester Counties and in Philadelphia.  Many properties that sell were “previously listed” and most of them sold only after something was changed with the way they were being marketedPrice is not always the issue.  In fact, many sellers take unnecessary reductions.  For anypreviously listed” property to sell, something must change.

The most effective choices are marketing (meaning “exposure” or awareness of your property: your MLS sheet is your property resume.  How accurately did it represent what you were selling?), pricing strategically and/ or hiring a different agent.  Changing agents can bring a new perspective and a different philosophy that might provide the advantage you need in a competitive market.  What would your last agent do differently this time (other than a price reduction)?  Will doing the same thing over again even with a new agent produce a different result?  Change for the sake of change can be a mistake.  You may be adding days on the market without increasing your odds for success.

Why should you call me?  My background in Client Service Management combined with my Real Estate experience, training, education and knowledge will help me to assist you.  Real Estate is not “rocket science” but it requires a thorough knowledge of the “process” and a proven strategy.  I have a common sense, client-centered approach.  You can learn more about me by listening to my podcasts, reading my blog and by visiting my website.  I have a lot of material available.

Effective marketing allows buyers and agents to find properties like yours in their search results (think “Google search”).  If they could not find your property in their searches, the odds were against you perhaps causing your property to sit on the market!  Many sellers are asked to reduce their price (and their proceeds!) when marketing was THE real problem.  Reducing the price will NOT always solve a marketing problem.  I NEVER ask for a price reduction without justifying it.  Every house has a price at which it will sell; my job is to get my clients the highest price possible.

If I earn the opportunity to work for you, you will receive the highest quality service, attention to detail and effort.  Communication is critical:  my job is to keep you informed so that you can make the best decisions.  Most of my clients never had any ongoing contact with their agent!  I work for my clients.  In addition, I offer the following guarantee that I will do what I promise:  if I don’t, call me to discuss your concerns.  If I cannot satisfy you, you may cancel our listing contract unless your property is under contract with a buyer!

Thank you as always for taking the time to read my blog and/ or listen to this podcast.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

There is no time for inexperience, empty promises or false expectations!

HIRE WISELY:  We are not all the same!

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