Andrew Wetzel's Musings

May 11, 2019

Flipping Real Estate: A Different Form of Investing

“Flipping” is a trendy way to “invest” in Real Estate.  TV shows and infomercials advertising FREE SEMINARS are everywhere!   I suspect that many people are making lot$ of money telling others how to flip houses and wonder how many of these “coaches” have done even one flip.

Flipping expands on the old mantra: buy low; sell high and adds a critical “make it or break it” step.  Unless you are lucky and can buy something below market value and then sell it without doing any work, you have to renovate flips to make money.  Therein lies the unknown.  You paid a specific amount and there is likely a ceiling on your eventual selling price:  you have to fill in the blanks!

The old-fashioned way of investing, buying rentals and becoming a landlord, has lost some of its appeal to many for a variety of reasons although there are still opportunities.  Flipping allows you to get in and then get out, hopefully with a return that justifies the investment and risk.  Some flips will be homeruns while others will be singles.  Serious flippers do volume and can handle the ups and downs.  Many stop after trying one.

Flipping is a multi-stage, interconnected AND interdependent process. You have to check all of the boxes to make it work.  Success requires hiring a competent agent to identify, negotiate and acquire opportunities, access to money, the ability to properly evaluate what a property needs to maximize interest, the ability to complete the work in a cost-effective manner, the ability to RATIONALLY assess an eventual selling price and patience if the rehab and/ or the marketing take longer than expected.  If you use your own funding, this may be easier than paying someone else although using an equity loan as some do has inherent risk.

While many have done quite well, others have failed, some miserably.  If you overpay, under-evaluate what is required, overspend on the rehab, over-estimate a selling price and/ or pay too much for your “seed money”, you will have issues.  The market itself introduces a degree of uncertainty so timing is important although not a science.  A number of incomplete renovations always end up on the active Real Estate market looking for someone to finish the job.

This is truly NOT the time for inexperience, empty promises OR false expectations!

HIRE WISELY: we are not all the same.

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