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May 27, 2017

The Spring Market is ending. What should we do?

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You may have tried selling your house this Spring and not succeeded.  Perhaps you had planned to put your house on the market but the process was delayed.  What should you do?  Should you wait until next Spring?  Perhaps you can be ready for the second-best time of year (typically September is a good month).  Believe it or not, many sellers seem to believe that there is an “invisible hand” at work here and that they have little to no control over the market.

Let me be quite clear:  a properly priced and properly marketed home can sell anytime.  In fact, houses sell each and every day of the year!  If a house is over-priced or unable to be found in online searches (this is my definition of poor marketing) by a “ready, willing and able buyer”, the chances of selling are greatly reduced.  The fact is that people’s reasons for buying are varied and their desire or need to buy may be unpredictable so I always ask my seller-clients what is important to them?  If they want to wait for what they hope or think is going to be a better time, so be it but that may mean delaying their own plans and, if they are going to be buying another house, doing so could be co$tly whether measured in emotions and/ or dollars.

The question about when to sell usually comes up in the Fall or Winter.  I tell my prospective Seller clients that people who are out looking at houses in colder weather tend to be fairly serious, that houses usually look “their best” at that time of year and that if they are NOT on the market they will NOT sell.  Inventory “tends” to shrink as “fair weather” (literally!) Sellers don’t want the aggravation of showings while they are preparing to celebrate the holidays.  That helps those houses which are made available.  It can also come up after the start of the New Year and I offer the same advice.  Some will listen; others will not.

The “should I wait” question is interesting.  That depends on how serious a Seller is as far as what their level of urgency is.  Assuming there is no financial duress, what are the ramifications of NOT selling?  I often hear that Sellers are looking to change their life style.  In that case, why would anyone put their happiness “on hold”?

Obviously there are numerous other factors to consider but the simple, direct answer is that the answer to this question depends on YOU and NOT the temperature outside or your perceptions about the market.  What works best for your circumstances?  Decide that and then decide what is realistic.


Thank you for reading.


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