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May 27, 2017

How to be a SERIOUS Buyer! Part 5 (of 7)

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The search is underway!  The next challenge, unless you have already “hired” a Realtor to “represent” your interests, is to not only get information about all currently available properties that match your “minimum” criteria BUT to set up a system to ensure that you will be notified as new matches become available.  Knowledge is KING!  That is what they say about web content but that statement is just as true when it comes to searching for a new house (or any other product!).  You could have the best possible list of houses TODAY but guess what?  Each and every day, every day of the year, new houses come on the market, houses go “under contract”, deals fall through (some houses will come back on the market), house prices get reduced (some houses will get reduced within your price range; others will get reduced into your price range) and other houses simply go off the market.

Here is a simple test:  have a Realtor (I would happily assist you with this if you are looking in Delaware, Chester or Montgomery Counties) email you a list of properties (you could get a printout but the follow up is more tedious) and save that email.  Then open it up in 7 days and see what happened (each house entry is really a “link” to the property information so changes in status and price will appear when you open the email).  Do this again in 14 days if you wish.  Then do it in 30 days.  The list could change dramatically.  There is one flaw:  no new properties will have been added to your list!  The point is that you need regular, updated information.  Other Buyers have it.  If they are looking at the same type of property that you are, you may miss out completely on a house or be at a disadvantage if they find a house first.  I completely understand that looking for a house involves work BUT it is a short term effort that is so important.  Realtors make it easier!

It doesn’t matter how much time you have or what web sites you use, a Buyer simply cannot stay “current” without the help of a Realtor.  While Internet sites give you the opportunity to receive updates, I contend that their information is not as current or as detailed as what we can offer!  That being said, you need to make certain that your agent knows what you want and that they provide it.  This is a service-oriented business and you have many choices as far as which Realtor to hire:  tell us what you need and hold us accountable.  Agents have a variety of ways of doing business and they should be responsive to your needs.

If you really want to search without a Realtor, be prepared to risk being less informed than others competing for properties with you.  I will assume that you will use a Realtor.

Thank you for reading!

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