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March 12, 2016

Is it Time to Sell?

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The answer truly depends!

Selling a house or, for that matter, selling any piece of Real Estate is a major commitment.  Let’s focus on selling the house you live in.  A seller is in TOTAL control for a little while.  They/ you get to decide with whom to speak, whom to hire, how much to a$k and when to start and end the contract.  Then the process starts to exert some control.  Sure, you can accept or reject appointments and make the house look as presentable as possible or NOT!  You can even reject an offer without explanation.  However, there are unfortunately some things out of your control.  They include but are not limited to the following:  the market (your competition, their asking and selling prices, interest rates, ease of qualifying for a loan, etc.), who will bring buyers to your house, who will want to see your house, whether people arrive on time or not, whether they show up at all, whether the buyer is serious/ pre-approved, and more!

For better or worse, there are many variables and even with all of the planning in the world, this can be a very frustrating process that will NOT get better if delayed.  I firmly believe that a good agent can help prepare you, work closely with you to keep things “on track” and, hopefully, get you to the finish line faster!  Would you rather it take a week or several months to sell?  Of course that depends on how time-oriented your plans are (moves involving children and schools or changing jobs may be more time specific than other reasons for moving).  Generally speaking, over-priced houses tend to take longer to sell and those owners tend to get less than they would have achieved had they been more realistic from the start.

All of this boils down to what YOU expect.  Some sellers wait, thinking their “present” market is not attractive, some think that buyers won’t be out in certain type of weather or during certain times of year and others come up with other ideas.  DELAY, DELAY , DELAY!!!  The truth is this:  houses sell EVERY day of the year!  Buyers out looking during rough weather or during holidays tend to be serious.  Whatever your thought process is, there is no guarantee that your house will sell if it is on the market but it is almost a sure bet that it will not sell if it is not on the market.

Talk to a professional such as myself to turn over all of the stones so that you can make a plan that works for you!  As with most things in life, the hardest part is getting STARTED.  Of course, if you have tried selling before and had a bad experience I fully understand that you may be reluctant to start over.  I have been helping sellers since 1996 and most of them had at least one agent before they met me.  Have you ever had a bad steak? Unless you are a vegan, I bet that one bad steak did not stop you from trying another one!  Of course, you probably ordered the next one some place else.

Be prepared and HIRE WISELY!

Thank you for reading!  Visit my web site or contact me if you would to discuss your plans.

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